In-house vs. agency?

Have your cake and eat it with a Bind pod 😋

For high potential D2C brands, searching for digital marketing competence.

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What is a pod?

It’s a highly autonomous Bind team, optimised for deeper work.

Pods spend time in our clients’ businesses. They get close to our clients’ customers. And they’re highly specialised in 1 or 2 digital marketing disciplines.

We deliberately limit the number of clients a pod works with. It’s a setup that protects focus. And unlocks disproportionate value 💥

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Do pods work?

Our methodology has been endorsed by The Drum, CIM and all of our mothers.

Best use of Digital
The CIM Awards 2021
The Grand Prix
The Drum Awards 2020
Best Use of Data
The Drum Awards 2020

Our work is also used to teach at some of the top universities in the UK and US.

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How much does a pod cost?

A pod licence starts at £5,200 per month.

20% of this fee is variable - the BindPulse attaches pod profit to a monthly NPS score.

This ongoing incentive underpins our business model. And it protects clients from the agency Hokey Cokey 😳

What does this mean?

Can I licence a pod?

Our next pod will be operational from . You can register your interest here.

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